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The encrypted messenger app for the cannabis community

Talk and toke with friends and strangers who are all on the same page as you. What page would that be? You guessed it. Page 420...

Let's be blunt!


We take security very serious! All data belongs to you and is saved on your device. All messages are encrypted. 

Global community

Meet likeminded friends from all over the world. Talk and toke with them. 

voice chat

Only voice chatting, because typing whilst toking is great, said no one ever. 

made with love

Made by tokers, for tokers. We hope you enjoy the app and the community.

1 image = 1k words

Because what kind of messenger would this be if you couldn't share pictures.  

Find local tokers

Search and find tokers around you ;) 


We created a little tutorial for you to better understand the app. We hope it answers all of your questions, if not you can always contact us under  


Legalize it!

In partnership with the German Cannabis Association, TokeToMe aims to take the fight for legal cannabis in Germany to the big leagues.

Thorsten Hetfeld (left), a member of the German Cannabis Association, who suffers from "McCune-Albright-Syndrom", a genetic and uncurable degenerate bone desease, shares with us his inspiring story about how medicinal marijuana has changed his life for the better. 

read His story 

We want TokeToMe to be a central hub for Cannabis smokers, where amongst other things, people can meet and exchange thoughts, experiences and information about the medicinal potential of Marijuana. Our deeper mission lies in supporting the green revolution.

We hope you enjoy the app and the amazing community that comes with it. Feel free to let us know what you think, ask questions or give us suggestions if you have any.

 Contact us under:

The Team

Ricardo Gruber

Aka Tricky Ricky

He is the founder and swiss army knife of this operation. Anything ranging from product development to innovation to marketing has his name on it. Apart from that he is a complete movie buff and he also likes to tell jokes from time to time, but no one ever laughs.

Chris Rice 

AKA Ricemaster

Born and raised in Ibiza, this young blood has the Spanish fire in his eyes. His tendency to get overly excited about stuff makes him a cherished member of the team. He also pioneers in marketing and does external communication.

Fabian Lisse

Aka The cannasseur

His seasond taste buds are not to be reckoned with. Snoop has nothing on this guy. Jokes aside, he is the mastermind behind design and also does business strategy. He loves photography and is also a passionate football player. 

Rusmin Causevic

aka The Tech Jedi

We only know him as the Jedi Master of tech. He is responsible for your messages arriving safe and sound. Legend has it that the NSA wanted to hire him but he declined and decided to help us bring joy and happiness to tokers from around the world instead. 

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